James Cheung Ving Tsun UK

Profile of Sifu Cheung

Sifu Cheung Wai Tak James is the second generation of Grand Master Ip Man and is a certified training instructor of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (Hong Kong) with 30 years experience.  He provides training on Scientific Ving Tsun as developed by late Master Wong Shun Leung, comprising Ving Tsun forms, sticky hands, wooden dummy and weapons (Luk Dim Pun Kwan (long pole) and Baat Cham Dou (Butterfly Knives)).

Sifu Cheung became interested in martial arts when he was a junior secondary school student, initially learning Judo before changing to Gojukai Karate because he found the style more interesting and practical.  In  1978, a friend of Sifu Cheung , who was already a black belt coach in Korean Hapkido, recommended Sifu Cheung to learn Ving Tsun from late famous Master Wong Shun Leung.  At that time, Master Wong was already a famous Ving Tsun Master with record of hundreds victories against opponents.  He was also the instructor and Sihing of late superstar Bruce Lee.  In recognition of his excellent fighting record, Master Wong was awarded the title "King of the Talking Hands".  The power and efficient techniques of the Ving Tsun system greatly impressed Sifu Cheung, who decided to devote a lifelong time to the study.  With the close guidance of the Sihings and under the supervision of Master Wong, Sifu Cheung made significant progress expeditiously. 

Following the death of Master Wong in the mid 1990's, Sifu Cheung continued his studies under the guidance of a senior disciple of Master Wong, Master Ng Chun Hong, a Ving Tsun Master of international renown.  People from all over the world come to his training school (Kuen Kwoon) to study his prestige Ving Tsun techniques on short term basis.  Sifu Cheung thus also had the chance to train with other Ving Tsun practitioners from other countries which further enriches his experience. 

Sifu Cheung immigrated to UK in 2011 and has regularly returned to Hong Kong to update his knowledge and to improve his skills under another brilliant disciple of late Master Wong,  Master Chan Kim Man.  Master Chan is the beloved disciple of Master Wong who has succeeded the techniques of the Scientific Ving Tsun as created by Master Wong.  During Sifu Cheung's period of further study under Master Chan, he proved himself to be worthy of the designation of Assistant Instructor at Master Chan's Kuen Kwoon (training school).

It is Sifu Cheung's ambition to set up his first Ving Tsun facility in the UK to pass on to his students the skills and techniques he has acquired from his many years of study and practice of the martial art.

Sifu James Cheung 


Bsc CUHK                           

Life member of VTAA                                  

Certified training instructor of VTAA

Certified 1st generation of WSL by WSL Students Association

Assistance Instructor of Shun Mo Tong (HK) Chan Kim Man

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