James Cheung Ving Tsun UK

Novice classes

 Group  lessons are provided at the time   and venues below : 

 Wednesday  8 - 10 pm 

 Bromley Lawn Tennis and Squash Club  

 Sandford Road Bromley  BR2 9AN 

 Sunday  10 am - 12 noon 

 Bromley Lawn Tennis and Squash Club      

 Sanford Road Bromley  BR2 9AN 

Advanced classes

 - Review on the principles and theories of Ving  Tsun

 - Analysis of the 3 Formations and Wooden Dummy

 - Advanced techniques 

 - Fighting tactics 

 £15 per lesson   (Tue  7 - 8 pm) 

Fee for Novice Class


Promotion rate has been introduced since Oct 2016.

Pay-as-you-go at £5 for each training lesson for the first 3 months.  Thereafter, if you are happy to continue, the rate will be just a little bit adjusted for each lesson.

A membership fee of £10 is required which includes a club T-shirt with our logo and the insurance charge after the first 3 months training.

Individual training lessons  and  weapons training  are provided on request and time is flexible and separate fee applies.

We are recruiting new members for "Lady Self-defence Class" and "Children Ving Tsun Fun Class"  now.  You are welcome to contact us for details.

OurVing Tsun class today

OurVing Tsun class today