James Cheung Ving Tsun UK

Ving Tsun or Wing Chun

Ving Tsun , in Chinese characters, 詠春, literally means "Admiring Spring", is also being translated as "Wing Chun" when VIng Tsun kung fu was first introduced to the Western world by late superstar Bruce Lee.  The term "Wing Chun" is thus being popularly used since then.

Ving Tsun, on the other hand, is the formal translation term adopted by the Ving Tsun Athletic Association which was established by Grand Master Ip Man in the year 1968 in Hong Kong.  Some source revealed that the translation term Ving Tsun is close to the dialect of Foshan, the birth place of Ip Man and so the term is being used by practitioners in the Ip Man lineage.  Besides, it is also the term favoured by late famous Master Wong Shun Leung and the term is also being used in the Master Wong lineage.

Ving Tsun is a modern Southern Chinese martial art which was created about 300 years ago (around the year 1645).  It is a kind of martial art that specialised in close range combat by coordinating the body mechanics and the scientific concepts in physics and geometry to enable one to combat in a simple, direct and efficient way.  It is an aggressive and striking martial art which utilizes punches, elbow strike, palm strike, shoulder strike, front and side kicks and knee strike in continuous motion to subdue and beat the opponent 

As Ving Tsun kung fu relies mainly on the application of appropriate lines and angles of movement and subtle techniques to neutralize an incoming threat swiftly to allow you the chance to fight back or escape, the body size, age and gender are no barriers to the learning of that martial art.


Ip Man practiced sticky hands with Bruce Lee.


Bruce Lee in action